Public Relations/Community Events 

We are dedicated in promoting and protecting the health of others. Public Relations is important to our over all mission. We strive to be seen in the public. We want citizens to see that we are there whenever they need us. Our Public Relations Team is there to answer questions about our department and allow the public an inside look at Buchanan County EMS. 

We provide different types of Public Relations options. Hands Only CPR, Show and Tell ((Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts) school functions) to providing stand by coverage at community walks and festivals. 

If you are looking for an Ambulance or Paramedic and EMT staff for medical coverage for an Event that REQUIRES medical stand by please contact our Public Relations Coordinator at or Call 816-396-9580

**All Events are subject to staffing and availability of EMS crews. Some instances will require the EMS crew to leave for Emergency calls.**