Buchanan County EMS started operations July 1st, 2014. We currently operate with 5 ALS ambulances during the day and 4 ALS ambulances during the night. We staff both Paramedics and EMT's on our ambulances. We dispatch our own ambulances at our headquarters (post 1) and all of our dispatchers are EMDs, Paramedics or EMTs. 

We provide EMS/ambulance coverage for Buchanan County, MO and a small portion of Northeast Doniphan County, KS.  This includes the cities of Saint Joseph, MO, Faucett, MO, DeKalb, MO, Rushville, MO, Agency, MO and Elwood, KS.

What do we provide?

  • 911 Response - ALS Ambulances

  • Emergency Transfers (Hospital to Hospital)

  • Non-Emergency Transfers (Hospital to Nursing Facilities)